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PC won’t boot from Sleep / no display on monitor

Level 7
Hello there, I recently noticed that I’m facing some weird issue if I put my PC on Sleep mode.

Well, if I put my PC on Sleep mode, it won’t wake, if I press any key from keyboard there case will wake, leds and fans will start spinning but I won’t have a display on my monitor. The QLed shows code 01 and the RAM’s led lights up.

I have to hard shut down the PC, press the power button and then the American Trends screen will appear saying that either the pc failed to post or a hard shutdown was performed enter bios to reset settings etc. When I get into windows motherboard displays Code 30 (which I think is that it woke from sleep)

I thought that it was an instability issue of the slight OC I use (4.7GHz @ 1.264V). I did a Load Optizimed Settings, but again the issue remains. But this time, the red led of CPU lights up with code 03 and then changes to yellow (RAM) with 01.*

Other than that, my PC is rock solid, it has no crashes or anything like it, the only issue is the Sleep mode, which I don’t even use. My girlfriend put the PC on Sleep and I noticed this issue.

I have disabled (always) the fast startup, I have fast boot from BIOS disabled as well and enabled the Windows UEFI Mode from Secure boot. If that matters at all. I also performed a fresh install of Windows.

Hopefully I can have some help over this one!!!!

Kind regards*

Level 11
When the issue occurs are you seeing that your video cards are getting power along with the other LEDs and case fans? If so, then it's likely the monitor itself, and you might try disabling the auto detect feature of the monitor. If the video cards are not getting any power then maybe you have the pcie slot not waking and have to disable the link management in W10 power options. I have found many reasons to distrust power options in W10 and this is one of them. I have never had this occur to me before but power management features in Windows have messed me up before on other things.

Level 7
I just changed my PSU and the issue is gone. Shall I proceed to a RMA?

TheTiesThatBind wrote:
I just changed my PSU and the issue is gone. Shall I proceed to a RMA?

Of the PSU, yes.

Level 7

Kind regards!