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Overclock 9700K + Maximus XI Hero Bios Glitch?

Level 7
Hi Guys

I have one 9700k and I wanted to try to overclock it. From what I read, it is recommended to set the AVX offset so that the frequency is lowered when this specific instruction is being used.

I set the cpu frequency multiplier to reach 5Ghz (50) and set 4 AVX offset. When I boot to Windows, the CPU frequency does not go beyond 4,6 Ghz. If I don't set any AVX offset in the BIOS, the frequency reaches 5Ghz as expected and the system is stable.

It seems like, when set, the AVX offset is always applied.

BIOS glitch? :mad:

Asus Maximus XI Hero (Last Bios v1903)
Intel Core i7 9700K

Best Regards

Level 7
Nevermind, delete pls