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No "Primary Display" setting in BIOS??? Maximus X Hero, 9900K

Level 7
Hi, *

I have a Maximus X Hero, BIOS 1704, running with a 9900K and Vega 64. I need to enable the igpu however in the process of doing so, I noticed that there is no way to set the primary display in BIOS. With multi-monitor enabled, the POST screen only will display on the igpu monitor, which I don't always have connected. I've attached a few BIOS screenshots. Whether or not multi-monitor is enabled, no menu item for "Primary Display" is ever present.I wanted to confirm if this is was something that was omitted from the bios, since it's been in every other ASUS bios (or any other motherboard) that I've ever had, or if this is indeed an issue, or if I'm just doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for the help *


Level 7
So as a bit of follow up in case it proves useful to someone in the future, I had to rollback from BIOS 1704 to BIOS 1602 in order to be able to once again see the option to set the primary display under graphics configuration. I am running a 9900k with this build, and 1602 was released to introduce 9th gen compatability, but the Asus website for the Maximus X Hero now states that 1704 is the recommended BIOS. I knew however that 1602 was stated as being compatible when it was released (see this post) so I gave it a try in order to fix my issues. So far, the build seems stable under the 1602 BIOS. The only issue I see is that under System Agent configuration, the system agent bridge is listed as Kaby Lake (instead of Coffee Lake). I have attached screenshots below. I don't know if this was a purposeful change on Asus' part, but it would be very useful for my use case if they would incorporate the ability to set the primary display back into future BIOS releases. I can't think of a possible downside to having that ability in the BIOS, or a reason for removing it in BIOS 1704.

If anyone has any input as to potential issues with running BIOS 1602 with a 9900k, I would appreciate the help!


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