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MultiCore Enhancement - Enable and Disable selection confusion

Level 8
I recently updated my BIOS on the Maximus XI Extreme and noticed ASUS changed the drop down menu for MultiCore Enhancement. They added Disable - Enforce All Limits and Enable - Remove All Limits. The bold/orange text is what was added on. For some reason this seems backwards to me. Many tutorials and vids say to Disable MCE but that will keep the default limits. Wouldn't it make more sense to have it Enabled to remove all limits?

Level 7
They disable MCE and set the power/current limits explicitly to be sure what they are actually getting. When you enable MCE, it silently changes the "auto" behavior of all the power/current limit settings. Problem is, you can't see what you're actually getting with those auto values. Or even confirm which ones are being affected.

In general I find this a major annoyance with all the boards. If something is "auto", I'd still like to know what value is actually being chosen. Especially when setting one parameter silently changes the "auto" values of other parameters.