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Motherboard False Beeps?

Level 7
Hi guy's I built my first actual computer recently and I have a question that even the almighty google doesn't seem to have the answer to. My computer runs normal and what not but a couple things are bugging me and I'd just like some clarification if possible. The main thing that concerns me is when I start my computer my motherboard throws a code for no VGA. BUT it actually works. This is very concerning for me because my original RTX 2070 had to be replaced because it was artifacting straight out the box. This one seems fine so far but the beeps has me a little more than concerned. It takes a split second for the display to come on but besides that it works just fine. I'm just curious as to why it would be doing it. And the other thing which is relatively minor is I can't update drivers from the Armoury crate. Like it shows that it has updates but it wont allow me to click on anything. And the little widget for FAN EXPERT completely freezes with no possibility to get it working without rebooting the computer. It doesn't do it when I have a single monitor connected but as soon as I started using two it became a problem. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the main components of the build.

ASUS Maximus XI Code
Asus Strix RTX 2070 08G

Level 11
Turn your monitor on before the computer or leave it in sleep mode instead of turning it off.

I never turn them off I just let them go into sleep mode. I've tried waking them up before booting and everything

Level 11
Try going into BIOS and turning off internal graphics. Choose PCIe instead of Auto if you have the option

It was actually the exact opposite. It was disabled by default for some reason. And as soon as I turned it on It stopped the false beeps 🙂 Thanks so much for the help though

This seems very similar (although not identical) to the problem I have and posted a response about here:


Having noticed the date of the original post, my update is a bit late to the party! However in addition to the beeping - I also had the problems with the Armory Crate drivers but this was resolved with a recent Windows update. The beeping on boot, however, hasn't gone away.