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Most bang for the buck RAM for overclocking an 8700K

Level 7
After having had my Z370 Taichi and my one out of two Vengeance RAM sticks die on me, I recently bought a Maximus X Formula and an EVGA Supernova 1600 P2 to go along my (delided) 8700K, GALAX HOF 1080ti LAB EDITION.
CPU, GPU and mobo are watercooled on a custom chilled water loop, using a 150W TEC and a 60W one.
What's left now is the RAM...
It has to be able to support the maximum overclocking potential of the 8700K, as far as it can go on chilled water, that is.
I could pay around 500$/€, go for the fastest b-die kit and get this over with, but my wallet has suffered quite a bit already...
There are also lots of factors in play, as the t-topology of this mobo, which means that it'd be ideal to use a 4 module set, or 2 two module dual rank one.
Then the factor of running into issues if I get two 16GB kits, so getting half of the best now and the rest later isn't a safe option.
What fps scaling will the RAM provide me with, while gaming on 1440p being my main focus, in contrast to the required cost? I see some benchmarks where the gains are minimal, when using different RAM clocks, yet the factor of further cpu oc isn't in play. In some benchmarks the gains are quite noteworthy, with +10 fps on a 60-70 fps average @1440p too...
As far as my options go; I can get a 32GB 3200 cl16-18-18-38 kit for just 150€, with 20€ more a 3600 cl18-22-22-42 or a b-die 3600 cl16-16-16-36 for 310€. Is this extra 160€ worth it? Is going for the cheaper kit condemning the rest of my components not living up to their potential, rendering my investment partly to waste?
How further will a b-die kit allow my 8700K to OC anyway than a Hynix or micron one?