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Monitor will not turn on until Windows sign-in screen appears

Level 10
This post is a BIOS bug and relates to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 TI Founders Edition coupled with the ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI Extreme. I've diagnosed everything possible to as far as replacing the card with a new one.

The displayID fix did not work as I already had the latest VBIOS. What's happening is: when my PC reboots and the monitor turns off before the "White" on the motherboard shows then the monitor will not turn on until the Windows Log-in screen appears. The white light must show before the monitor ****s off. This only happens when I restart my PC. I cannot get into the System BIOS because of this, not even through Windows recovery within Windows.

Both Nvidia and Microsoft are point at the System Firmware/BIOS of my motherboard. They both say that this issue is a BIOS related issue.

My question is: Is there any news on this regarding a fix?

Level 10
I had this issue in my ROG Maximus XI Extreme years ago on my screen as well I am banking your using a DP cable to the video card try attaching a HDMI if you can and see if you can get in that way to Bios. If that fails and others may not agree but in the older maximus Extreme MBs they used to have a desktop program called Asus Boot setting and I still use it to this day lol on my newer Maximus Extreme MBs. I just install it then Click it on desktop and will take you into bios. I had to hunt it down again last week and I think I found it on the Asus ROG Rampage Extreme V download page or the Asus ROG Rampage Extreme V Edition 10 page its handy and works on windows 10 no idea on windows 11. What I found for me the issue you have has more to do with the screen then the MB or video card. If I understand your post fully and I think I do as it was the same issue I had. If you cant try a HDMI and have access to a different screen try that as well. As I used to drag out a Benq screen with a DP and got into bios. Check if your screen has a update as I think thats how I fixed mine as it was doing that on my old 49in screen but not doing it on a 27 in benq screen.
Bios 602 and did a bios update doh
passed 8hr test on Karhu RamTest
Set to Manual OC
Dram Frequency 4266MHz
Dram voltage 1.45v
CPU VCCIO Voltage 1.25v
CPU System Agent Voltage 1.29v
Dram timing control 17-18-18-38
Dram command rate set to 2N set dram current capability to 130%