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ME Update - Is this for the SPOILER flaw affecting Intel chips?

Level 7
Good day!

Just checked the download/support page on my Z370-E motherboard with the following new utility:

Is this for the SPOILER flaw?

Thanks! Saw some forum posts also that the ME update tool doesn't work

Love to hear your thoughts!

Level 40
There is no software/firmware fix for SPOILER...Intel haven't even issued a CVE for it...

Level 9

What is the process to update this?

I own a PRIME Z370-A and wondering about it, do i simply run MEUpdateTool as Admin?
Why isn't this update coming bundled within the BIOS (which was done until today)?


Level 9
I just tried this myself on my PRIME Z370-A (different ME version update is available) by using the GUI.
After it updated, i tried to run it again even, thinking it would wisely tell me its already updated, but it just re-updated again.

Anyway, checked the version in UEFI welcome screen and was indeed updated.

Level 12
I will revive a computer, z390 and will test these with out before jumping on it. and how afect on normal and gaming operation. will be thr 4 build in the week. but basic is a add fix for another cure for spectre on a motherboard cpu level

Also that it has to be mix with a MEI driver that IS Not on the asus website. i will try all scenarios in the faster mount the time. since most analysis take time. I will post back on a post Saturday.
Learn, Play Enjoy!

Just a FYI this was posted weeks ago here on this forum.

That should be on all the boards pages but isn't because they're very slow/inconsistent at maintaining them.