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Maximus XI Hero WiFi shut down issue?

Level 7
Evening folks,

I have a bit of an issue with my board - I purchased it a year ago, along with the 9900k and some RAM.

The issue I'm having is that whenever I power down the machine, or it restarts due to updates (be it drivers or windows, or whatever the reason may be), the machine powers down, but then the LEDs on the fans (and maybe the board, I can't see them where the PC is) stay on and the fans still spin - in this state, the machine doesn't do anything else at all and I have to hold the power button down for it to turn off properly. It also does this when I exit BIOS

I've had this issue since day one of building this thing and you can imagine it's starting to get pretty irritating after a year!

I've just upgraded to 1302 BIOS and still have the same issue (that was a fun experience since it doesn't want to reboot!)

Has anyone ever encountered this before or know how I can fix this?