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Maximus XI Hero (WiFi): MoBo not detected after reinstalling AURA

Level 7
Hi guys,

at this point I am not going to tell you about all my struggles with Aura components, you can read about them later in my book "RGB agony: the story of a fool who thought ROG got state-of-the-art tech" which I'm yet to write.

So here's the latest story I'm asking for help with: after yet another Aura caprice (all effects reset to defaults after unplugging some Aura-compatible USB hardware) I restored my setting as I did before countless times, using a batch script (yeah, this is how you manage "profiles" in Aura) and noticed that my Back I/O and PCH lighting was turning off completely shortly after Aura service started with Windows (those components were lit during boot). I realized the fix was to open Aura, turn everything off and back on, this would also turn on the Back I/O + PCH lighting in my selected colors. At some points I grew tired of repeating this process every time after booting into Windows, so I decided to re-install Aura. I did it several times, trying to get rid of its config files.

Now both components in question seem to be RGB-dead - there is no "Motherboard" in Aura, Armoury Crate or Corsair iCUE anymore. I went through several YouTube videos, updated the BIOS to the latest version and did another clean Aura install, all to no avail. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks a lot.

P.S. if anyone from ASUS reads that post, please tell it to your manager: the Aura software is one of the worst things I've ever seen in terms of UX and makes me want to make sure to not buy ROG ever again. Please raise your eyes to the likes of Roccat and Logitech to see what proper software looks like.

Level 13
I have what is probably the same issue with a new Hero XII. The motherboard, lighting strips, and GPU, all Asus products, are not recognized. Only my g.skill z memory is.

ROG Hero XIII | 10900k @5.2 GHz | g.skill 2x32GB 4200 CL18 | ROG Strix 2070S | EK Nucleus 360 Dark | 6TB SSD/nvme, 16TB external HDD | 2x 1440p | Vanatoo speakers with Klipsch sub | Fractal Meshify 2 case

Level 7
In my case, it still recognizes the "DRAM" (TridentZ Roayal DIMMs), "Watercooler" (Strix AIO pump), "Headset Stand" (Throne Qi) and "Add strip" (MoBo RGB connector, currently used for AIO fans), but the Motherboard is completely gone. If I'm unable to find a software solution I guess I'll have to contact the vendor to RMA the MoBo and replace it with a competing product. Seriously, even a big patience has its limits ><
I can go to great lengths telling you how Aura effects are randomly resetting on boot/shutdown/USB device disconnect, how Asus' devices (specifically the AIO pump) completely ignore all "sync at shutdown" and BIOS settings and either do a rainbow or just keep the last selected effect when the PC is off... but I guess they already know all that stuff and Aura is just "legacy code" that nobody wants to touch anymore. A real insult to their users, considering the fact that the "Aura" stuff gets in your face basically on any ROG product page.