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Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Bluetooth Partially Working

Level 7
Greetings everyone,

Well after doing an RMA the new refurbished board did the same as the last one right away this time. So after much struggle and completely wiping drives, reinstalling Windows and various updates/drivers, verifying driver versions and permissions I have made some progress and have come to the conclusion that this is likely an issue with my setup somehow. I am not sure what, either something in Windows OS, the updates/drivers or one of the other devices present, but something not hardware related. So I am looking for some guidance hopefully in the right direction as the ASUS Engineers that ACI is working with to help me don't seem to be making any progress right now. Since I can't speak to them directly I don't know if this is a miscommunication issue, they need more info issue or what lol.

Ok, so onto the details for the issue. This is my primary system, nothing has changed hardware wise on it other than being a physically different motherboard since they gave me a replacement one.

1. I am not having any issues with anything else on this motherboard or within the Windows OS. Everything seems to be functioning perfectly fine except for the onboard Bluetooth module built right into that model motherboard (Z390, ROG Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi).
2. The exact issue with the Bluetooth currently is that it can't connect for anything other than Call support. No Audio, Video or Data or anything at all other than Call support (so the "Your Phone" app from Windows can see the calls and such, but can't actually hear them due to no Audio connection via Bluetooth).
3. I have verified that I have the appropriate driver versions based on for my motherboard, except for the Firmware it mentions on there.
4. For some reason while I am on the latest BIOS version of 1901, the Firmware in Device Manager shows the driver version to be 10.0.19041.1 instead of the version it should be which is When I try running the update tool from that download it just tells me that the ME does not need updated with an ok button and no other options. So I am a little lost on here, still waiting on ASUS Engineers to give me any information on this (nothing yet from them and it has been a bit).
5. I now have two devices that show up under "Other devices" in Device Manager. One named "AMA SPP Server" and one named "Bluetooth Peripheral Device". This is something new as it was not happening before the initial failure of Bluetooth or even this time around with the swapped out motherboard.

I have verified the Driver versions again listed on that page and still just the Firmware being the only thing not matching and can't seem to get it to match. Other than this I am not sure what else to do at this point and am looking for guidance on what steps to take next. I am not panicked or worried about it as it is only a Bluetooth issue, just would be nice to have all the functionality working properly (a little OCD thing of mine lol).

Level 7
Ok so removed and reinstalled the devices and drivers and now have basic functionality with most devices via bluetooth except for my Samsung Galaxy J3 V and some older TVs. The new Echo Dot and Google Pixel 5 work fairly well. Some connection stability issues but things reconnect quickly.

Ok, after some more messing around I was able to get full Bluetooth connectivity again with all the phones and a couple of other devices in the house. So, everything seems to be steady/solid now though I am still a little lost on what I actually did to cause the issue and what I did to fix the issue lol.