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Maximus XI Hero Realtek Driver Problem

Level 7

I have a big problem with Realtek Audio Driver.

I have a loudspeaker with optical audio, speakers do not work if I have not installed drivers.

Last week I downloaded and installed the current Realtek Audio Driver (V6.0.1.9359) last week. Cut over a few minutes (frozen image and crash to desktop).

When I uninstalled Realtek drivers and works perfectly again. But I no longer get a sound 😞

Asus Maximus XI Hero
Intel i9 9900k
32 GB G.Skill Tridenz RGB
RTX 3070 Ti
Windows 11 64Bit (current status)

I don't know how to go on, I would be very happy if I get help. Thanks very much

Level 40

You have an ASUS ROG SS3 motherboard, so :

You need Realtek Audio Drivers (UAD - ASUS ROG SS3) from the first post of this thread : [DRIVERS] Realtek Audio (Intel 2xx/3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx/7xx & AMD 3xx/4xx/5xx/6xx).

- Follow scrupulously your CLEANUP process
- Use this SS3 Cleaner tool (Right click on "A-Volute_SS3_Cleanup.exe" > Run as administrator) then restart your PC
- Follow scrupulously your INSTALL process

For the next drivers packages that I would release, you will can directly follow your UPDATE process.

Unfortunately it doesn't work as to be. I still do not receive an audio.