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Maximus XI Gene + multiple M.2 (via PCH) / PCIe lanes impact?

Level 7
I'm currently on a Z390i and want a bit more expansion / love the OC-centric features of the Gene. I have a question about using more than 2 NVME via the PCH / any impact on PCIe lanes (primarily to the x16). Yes, I read the marketing text and RTFM - I know if I put a NVME into the DIMM.2 it will drop the GPU to 8x / steal lanes from the CPU's 16 allocated, I'm asking something different.

Currently I have a 9900K and boot off a 480GB Intel 905P Optane (connected via a m.2 to u.2 adapter supplied by Intel with the disk), and have a Samsung 2TB 970 EVO via m.2 for storage. I'm looking to (with moving to the Gene) add a 3rd disk - can I use both of the m.2 slots that are located between the DIMMs and DIMM.2 slot AND add a 960GB Intel 905P via PCIe x4 slot that's above the main x16 slot? I believe from the manual that it is connected to the PCH - so my question is if I have 3 disks so in theory using 12 of the 24 lanes that Z390 supports over PCH, will the GPU still operate at full x16 speeds??