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Maximus XI Formula - BIOS 2004 / 1903 - A2 Error code

Level 7
I was using this motherboard no problem. I removed the RAM to use in other system to test. Put RAM back in board and I now get A2 error code.
I know this is suppose to be a missing SSD/HDD drive or drive problem. This is not the problem

Obvious question: Why would I need a hard drive to see the BIOS screen?

Here is everything I tried:
Clean memory
Single drive / Single RAM / new cable / nothing in usb ports
Fresh battery
Flashed BIOS
No video card
Different HDMI cord and different monitor
4 different HDD / SSD drives
Hard rest procedure:
Power off the unit, switch the PSU off and unplug the PSU cord from either the wall or the power supply.
Remove the motherboard CMOS battery for five minutes. During that five minutes, press the power button on the case for 30 seconds.
After the five minutes is up, reinstall the CMOS battery making sure to insert it with the correct side up just as it came out.
Now, plug the power supply cable back in, switch the PSU back on and power up the system.

I am at a loss and beyond frustrated……..uggggg

Level 7
Turns out for some reason the motherboard video is not working for what ever reason. I put a very cheap PCI video card in it and got video output.