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Maximus XI Formula 9900ks confused about ram

Level 7
Hello there,

im currently building a new system and im not able to find the right ram.

i want to get GSkill Trident Z RGB quad Kit 4*8GB B-Die and i want to get best performance in timing and speed of course (money dosent matter).
there are alot of GSkill Rams to choose from but from what i read its not easy to find the right kit.

any help would be much appreciated 🙂

what i already have:
Maximus XI Formula
Asus ROG 2080 ti White Edition
Thor 850P

thanks in advance


Level 11
your CPU doesn't initially come into play when choosing memory, it's your MOTHERBOARD's support that matters. If you want to be absolutely sure the memory has been tested and known to be working with the board, stick to what you find in the memory QVL per your desired memory frequency.

Anything that's not listed in that extensive list does NOT mean it won't work with the board, it simply means the memory (kit) hasn't been TESTED with that board. Small but important difference

Ch3vr0n wrote:
your CPU doesn't initially come into play when choosing memory, it's your MOTHERBOARD's support that matters.

im more confused now 😮

i thought the memory controller on the cpu which is meant for -DDR4-2666 also matter.

so you say using i can use any 4400mhz kit from the qvl list and it should work with 4400mhz?

Level 11
That's because 2666 is the highest default clock speed DDR4 will allow and are called "stock speeds". Anything above that requires enabling XMP profile. So if you find a compatible 4400mhz kit, it will still ONLY RUN AT 2666 Mhz by default, until you enable the XMP profile for that ram in the motherboard's BIOS.

Which is why your MOTHERBOARD comes with a QVL, not your CPU. It's the BIOS on the motherboard that detects all the hardware (HDD, RAM, CPU, GPU,...) and let it communicate with each other. Your cpu only "processes" all data requests of any kind. (Which is why it's called a Central PROCESSING unit)

If the boards BIOS doesn't detect any ram, the system won't even begin to boot, so your cpu wouldn't even begin to process any data.

As i said, just because it's not listed, doesn't mean it wont work. It just means the board hasn't been tested with that memory kit. New memory capacities and modules come out more frequently than motherboards are designed. Manufacturers can't possibly test every board model with every memory brand, capacity kit, frequency,...

Proof of that is my memory kit.

I have that exact same board, almost the exact CPU (i'm running the 9900k, ks didn't exist back then) and i'm using a Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB kit with model SKU CMT32GX4M4Z3200C16. That SKU isn't listed on the QVL (as it hasn't been updated since march last year i think). However since it's top of the line Corsair (Dominator is the most expensive and premium ram model line they have), i was pretty sure it was gonna work. And it is, it's running even higher than advertised using XMP. My ram is "advertised" as 3200Mhz compatible, it's running just fine at 3333Mhz.

However keep in mind, the higher you go in frequency, the bigger the chance of memory instabilities if it's not listed on the QVL. Which may require manual intervention to "clock down" the memory speed to get it stable.

many thanks for your detailed answer and for clearing this up.

in this case and to be safe its just a question to find a kit from the qvl list with good frequency / timing balance ?

do you have any advice for trident z rgb 4*8 GB if money dosent matter? (i just want the best kit i can get and it should be samsung b-die)?

Level 11
If you're new to the G.Skill brand (as in havent worked with them before) i'd stick to the QVL, or at least contact G.Skill themselves.

As to the B-Die thing: may want to read this

As to recommendations, nope sorry, can't help you there. Never used G.Skill, don't plan to either. Nothing against them, i just like to stick with brands i've used before and know work and to centralize support. My entire setup is built around 4 brands. Asus (MB, GPU, Monitors, wifi antenna), Corsair (PSU, RAM, Keyboard, Mouse, headset), HDD's (all HGST), ODD's (All LG)

i just bought the F4-4266C17Q-32GTZR Kit... hope this one is ok and im able to use it more like plug and play at 4266Mhz.

i didnt found any F4-4400C18Q-32GTZR Kit and it was even not listed at the G.Skill site

thanks again for your help.

Level 11
if it's on the QVL, it should do just fine.