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Maximus XI Extreme Compatible 3866 to 4133 Memory Recomendations Please ;)

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Hi all....
Looking at replacing a 2 x 16G kit of 3200 Dominator C16 for possibly 2 x 16G 4000 - 4133 C17/18......looking for some suggestions! Checked QVL and not much listed, but Im sure many have had success with a number of kits not listed...?

Level 11
z390 will do better with 4x8 than 2x16 if you want to run higher clocks on mem. If you want to do 2x16 I would stay around 3600 unless you are willing to do manual tuning. If you want to do 4x8 4000-4133 should be ok.

All of those should work with XMP


If you want Royal Kits just look for the same timings like 3600c16-16-16 2x16 or 4000c15-16-16 4x8

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Note those are higher binned kits. Since you are running Extreme I take it you want the highest performance. If you want to spend less you can get looser timings like 3600c16-18-18 or 4000c18-22-22.

Royals 3600c16-19-19, you pay more for the "bling"

Another nice kit with middle rode timings 17-17-17. Those 4000c15 4x8 kits will need a good IMC on the CPU.

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I havae a great OC on my 9900k ....I have always been under the impression far better OC'ing results running 2 Sticks vs populating all 4 slots (hence the 2*16G vs 4*8G)......have something changed with the Memory data transfer / IMC I'm not aware of?
You guys saying bettor off populating 4 slots vs 2 .....

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I am not talking about CPU OC. Mem OC daisy chain vs t topology. z390 t z490 and z590 daisy. Hence z390 higher memory OC with 4 stick and z490/z590 with 2. Look at your MB QVL and you see the higher mem clocks(with tight timings) are 4 sticks. That is why. Or look at gskill site in the ram compatibility list and 2x16 vs 4x8 what they show as compatible.

I have owned all the platforms and can tell you from using them your life will be easier trying to run 4x8 than 2x16 if you want to run 4000mhz+ on memory on z390 4 dim MB.

Buy a 4000+ 2x16 and see what happens 🙂

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1) It's best to tune to the maximum obtainable ratio at CR1

2) Anything beyond 3800-3866 will need to be ran at CR2

3) ROG Z390 boards are all T-Topology which means the board works in favour of populating all DIMMs

4) Anything beyond 4K is still tough with 4 DIMMs on 4 DIMM boards and may well require manual input.
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I ran G.SKILL 4x8 4000C15 kit in Z390 M11E board, used XMP 1 profile and never had any issues.

Running the same kit in Z490 M12E board now, no issues with XMP 1 profile. Only thing I adjust is tRFC and tREFI.

XMP 1 profile 24/7 settings.


The A1 10-layer B-die modules do vary well running full slots.

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4x8GB 4266 on the Formula and 9900K. All sub timings board controlled with XMP profile enabled.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

4x8GB 4266 on M12E all timings in Auto,.. is stable but would need tuned as training is vary loose in Auto.


4x8GB 4400 on M12E all timings in Auto is also stable,.. seems to train better than 4266, but still would need tuned.


4x8GB 4500 boots Windows with all timings in Auto but is not stable. Would require manual input for stability, VCCIO/SA voltage caps adjusted.
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Just reviewed this again guys....I certainly appreciate the info!!!

I wish I had done a little research back in 2018 when I built this system....I came off of an X79 RIVE build and was under the assumption populating all DIMM Slots was not good for OC'ing...hence my 2*16G Dominator choice back then (3200 Cl16)....

Makes total sense with this Dual Channel board and the was pointed out the Asus MXI-E QVL lists a ton of sticks 4*8G vs 2*16G.......learn new stuff every new build!

Anyhow....thx.....these are the kits Im presently looking at:


What do you guys think....I know they're both on the Asus MXI-E QVL and also understand depends upon the IMC of my CPU....

Im just ditched 1080Ti SLi for a 3080Ti....running a substantial loop and wont be ditching this build for at least another year, so no issues dropping the $$$ on a decent set of RAM .
I would be replacing 2*16G Corsair Dominator Cl16...


EDIT: Actually I know the headaches that can be involved trying to get a kit like 4266 to work if my IMC isnt that great....think I may save that headache and settle on the first of the 2 kits....see if I can get the 4000 Cl 17 to work....
With this Topology on the MXI-E will populating all 4 DIMMS possibly make it a little easier OC'ing my CPU?

Prior to this last BIOS I was getting some pretty decent OC'ing results with this 9900K...perhaps it could be better:
24/7 5 Ghz all cores was rock solid stable 1.295v Adaptive
Benching Only 5.1 Ghz @ 1.365v and 5.2 Ghz 1.385v