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Maximus XI Extreme/9900K Will not power on

Level 7
Hello all. Let me start with a list of parts to get that out of the way.*

Asus Maximus XI Extreme
Silicon Lottery Delidded 9900K running at 5.0Ghz all core*
*Asus Thor 1200W PSU
EVGA 2080ti Kingpin Edition
EVGA sound card
32 GB Corsair Ram (not sure of speed but was on Asus QVL)
Full Custom Waterloop*

With that out of the way, let me start. Built this system about 18 months ago and it has been a rock solid gaming powerhouse. Never had any problems until this morning. Before going to bed last night I shut down the computer and everything was normal. This morning I go to turn it on and all I get is about a half second of power with a click. Mobo and all components still have power as all the normal standby lights are on as normal. Mess around with it a bit and having done this a few times before I figured the PSU died. After work this evening I pick up a Corsair PSU just knowing that will fix the problem and get me running while I RMA the other one. As you my have guessed, this did not fix the issues. Exact same problem as before. So I dig in to all the troubleshooting I can think of like unplugging everything and disconnecting all the internal part to try for a barebones boot but all to no avail. The only clue I have, which I spotted when going frame by frame on a video I took of the issue, is that in that very short period of time the PC tries to boot, it shows a Q Code of CPU00 in the OLED screen. I am out of ideas and figured I would post here to see if anyone else has any ideas. Going to try to contact Asus tomorrow. Thanks all!

Level 10
Another forum had a similar issue and had to replace the Motherboard. You said you had a custom loop. Maybe there was a very tiny leak that shorted something very slowly.