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maximus xi code post errors...

Level 7
i'm about to stick a fork in the electrical socket. no i'm just frustrated.

so i just put my rig together.
maximus xi code
32gb G.SKILL TridentZ F4-4133C19D-16GTZR
2 x 1TB m.2 drives.

finally got the system to boot up and fixed the first code A2 when i disabled the cpu fan monitoring.
if i try to put the system to sleep it will wake up and i won't get any video... black screen and code 7F reserved for future AMI DXE codes.
then when i reboot i get error 55 memory not installed. i've pulled out the memory and reset it.
then it goes to boot up and the screen comes on, then goes black no video. then it keeps going through the post codes and comes back on or i may get an A2 IDE detect.

can anyone share some of your knowledge to help me get to the bottom of the issues.

thanks for reading my post.

beers all round.

Level 7
Is ram on xmp? Try set it at a lower speed first see if that's an issue? Or can't get to bios?

Level 11
For that ram you will need to raise the VCCIO and System Agent Voltage to create and sustain stability. I am guessing you will need to set the XMP profile to 1 and then go down to VCCIO and Systems Agent voltage area in bios and raise it to at least 1.2v for both vccio and SA. This will be on the same page only closer to the bottom of where you set the XMP profile.

You might end up needing to go higher on voltage just don't go over 1.3 for everyday use. I would find the absolute minimum voltage where the memory doesn't die in mid flight like it's doing on you now. The recommendation to try lower memory speed is a good place to just get it booting because it requires less voltage for VCCIO and System Agent to run.
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