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Maximus X Z370 and TridentZ Royal 4000mhz XMP 2.0 ram - is it compatible?

Level 9
I currently have a Z370 Maximus X Hero mobo and looking to upgrade to G.Skill TridentZ Royal DDR4 4000mhz CL17-17-17-37 ram but it says it supports XMP 2.0

Will I be able to turn on XMP on the Maximus X Hero motherboard and hit the 4000mhz speed with it, or will it be an issue?

Level 7
I too have Maximus X Hero (WiFi) and I'm running Trident Z Royal 4000C17 2x8G along with Trident Z non-Royal 4000C17 2x8G at 4000 CL17-17-17 1.35v with no issue whatsoever. Timings are set manually but I assume XMP should also works fine.

Super Moderator
Should be fine, although ratios above 3600 can sometimes require manual tuning depending on the CPU and memory kit. Be sure to try with Maximus Tweak Modes if experiencing difficulty.
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