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Maximus X Hero (Wi-Fi AC) random high pings

Level 7
I've been using my build for 2 weeks now and today I wanted to started playing some FPS games together with a friend, and the lag was unbearable.
After investigating I found out that this new build is the only pc with problems.

PC IS running windows 10 enterprise, build 1803 (same issues with build 1709), Core i7 8700k, 32GB ram, etc all without problems, no overclock (yet).

I have 2 other pcs in this room, all connected to the same ASUS RT-AC88U router. All of them get 200-300 mbps on in terms of throughput. However, my connection from this motherboard's onboard RealTek PCI-E wifi card is showing issues. First I debugged my modem (no issue there), router (no issue there, but reset to factory default to make sure).

To rule out any other issues: I have the maximus-pc and my intel NUC on the same table, and I'm simply 'pinging' the router. Same network. Same 5Ghz, same distance to the router.

Result - This perfectly explains how my experience during games is.

I've tried stock windows 10 drivers. I've tried the drivers that Asus provides. I've even tried the drivers from RealTek themselves, but still no change.

Does anyone have any idea? I really don't want to pull my build apart and lose my mobo for 3-4 weeks....

I just installed the PCE-AC68 ASUS PCI-E Wifi card. Results: <1ms pings, 430 mbps download speeds.

With this finding I can conclude that either my on-board radio is broken (I don't think so though) but it's probably a case of bad drivers).

At least I can do what I want to now, but still this seems to be an issue so new buyers beware...

THanks for the help in this thread!

Level 12
There have been many before you with the same complaint about the onboard wireless AC with connection drop outs so I think it's a driver issue that has yet to be resolved.

Level 7
So far the only driver that works for me even with 802.11d enabled is 2024.0.4.101 from this site: . I've tried any drivers from Asus website (most recent was 2023.81.502.2018) and none worked well for me. Every now and then the connection would drop for a few seconds. I've tried the command ping -t to monitor my results. Now I don't get kicked from my gaming sessions anymore! 🙂

Hello, i had this random lag spike issue too on my rog maximus x code mobo. no matter what i did ( suggestions over the internet ) it didnt resolve, but i managed to fix it in the end. here is what i did;

in the wireless adapter options > configuration ( properties ) > advanced tab , " wireless mode " was on " auto ". i changed it to " IEEE 802.11a/n/ac " and after that i never had any spikes or anything. also my speed was increased too...