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Maximus X Hero - Static noise issue on motherboard 3.5mm

Level 7
Ever since I had my X hero I always connected my audio in the back, headset, microphone and a line in. Everything worked fine and dandy for the years I had it.
Until one day a couple of months back when I was reinstalling windows on said machine, after that, there is a terrible static on the motherboards 3.5mm jacks. I can't plug my microphone in there because if I do, its so noisy people cant hear what I say. And line in is also very staticy.
Front panel audio works fine though, oddly enough.

The point is, I have no idea why, why it would have worked perfectly for so long and after a reinstallation of windows its like static mayhem. I can only assume the newer drivers I installed would have changed it, if that even makes sense. And now its becoming rather annoying to deal with this issue because I can only plug two things in to the front and I still have that line in I wish to use.
There has been no change in hardware, location of the machine or anything around it, the only changes that I have made to it has been software based.
And the newer audio drivers are just.... weird. I can never seem to get them to work properly or I always find issues with them.