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Maximus X HERO (non Wi-Fi) - No VRM temp Sensor.

Level 9
Hello, Dear ASUS.
Where is my VRM temperature sensor? My motherboard is ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero (rev. 1.01, BIOS 1003). There is no VRM temperatures in BIOS (Monitoring section) or Windows 10 Pro (ASUS FanXpert4 that shipped with Dual Intelligent Processor 1.05.14, AIDA64 Extreme (licensed), or HWiNFO 64). Is it a manufacturing defect, or you change some components in a motherboard and didn't say anything to customers about it? What about your marketing materials (COOLER BY DESIGN section)? I see that VRM sensor exists on pictures, but I can't see it in my motherboard. I'm sad. I think it maybe was a bios bug, and I trying to re-flash bios from EZ flash, from Bios Flashback, clear CMOS, removeing battery on motherboard, flash lower and higher BIOS versions - no effects. Any comments from ASUS?

Level 8
Well, you won't get any comments from Asus. It appears that they changed the VRM chip and this one does not report VRM temps. Don't bother re-flashing the Bios it won't make the slightest difference. I even sent Raja@asus a PM which he totally ignored. See this link.