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maximus x formula with rtx4070 crash problem

Level 7

change my 1080TI to rtx4070,

In the first attempt, I thought it was a defective new product, so I returned the RTX 4070.
However, I bought the same graphics card again and the same problem occurred.
There are no triggering conditions, sometimes two hours, sometimes two days.

The crash situation is that the screen is frozen and the mouse/keyboard cannot be useed.
Sometimes the mouse will display garbled characters. After restarting, everything is fine.

My power supply is the HX850 Platinum version, and works fine when I put the 1080TI back.

And have tried DDU and reinstall the system several times.

The customer service staff called me update the display driver for the motherboard, and the chipset drivers.

It's obviously useless.

Does anyone have the same problem? I asked the customer service to update the BIOS and they ignored me.