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Maximus X Formula - i7 8086k - best XMP memory.

Level 7

I want to upgrade the memory on my gaming rig, so I have been reading the Asus QVL memory list, and there are some DDR4-4000. Yet posts Ive read say 4000 mhz is problematic with the Z370. On the G.Skill site, the most common one that comes up given my specs is  DDR4- 2133

My question is simple: what is the "best gaming memory" for my MB and CPU using the XMP profile


Level 7

Hello there.

I have the same motherboard with an i7 9700K and I am using Kingston Fury Beast 16 GB x2 DDR4 3200 MHz CL16 RAMs clocked at 3600 MHz 17-20-20-40 at 1.35V. 

You are good to get the 4000 MHz RAMs and use them with your config. Just make sure to enable XMP after installation. If you face issues, let us know. 

Also, it is a good practice to update to the latest BIOS prior to installing the new memory kit.