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Maximus X code bios updates? Does it have bad vdroop?

Level 7
Just bought a Maximus x code z370 board, mainly because its the only board with any modern amount of USB ports. My Strix-e is still being repaired, thats not important though, but I was wondering where are all the updates for this board? Is it that one high end board they already forgot about? The strix has three times as many updates as the code, I would guess because it's more popular. Just wondering what the situation there is. Also does anyone know if vdroop was a major issue on the original bios on this board? I am running LLC3 on 1.3 volts and it's still drooping a decent amount. I know the vdroop on the strix-e I have was completely messed up until I updated the bios, this one seems to be working a little better on the default bios. Will fiddle with it some more.

Seems this board doesn't even have the microcode updates either?


Level 13

The Strix boards had more updates for memory compatibility. The Code uses a different layout and didn't need the same updates, hence the difference. If you want less Vdroop, you can increase the LLC to level 5 or 6.


Level 14
I echo Raja's statement
The Code and Formula were released later than ASUS's other Z370 boards, built with very high quality components, specifically the power section, VRM, my son's PC has a M X Code, He has had zero issues since day one, LLC 5 gives just the right amount of vdroop for me, every CPU is a little different

Thanks for the info, didn't know it was released later, the boards absolutely amazing. I love it. Wasn't sure I should go with ASUS again, but this board is top tier, hands down the nicest board I've ever had.

Level 13
Glad you like it, Jon. Hope it fits your needs.