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Maximus Hero X - What happened to bluetoth???

Level 8
Hi Guys,

I have Maximus Hero X Wifi version and I am not sure what happened but bluetoth just disappeared. There is nothing in device manager or windows itself.

I am on windows 10, checked bios and it is the latest and bluetoth is enabled.

I tried to install the drivers from asus website but i see message: "Realtek Bluetooth is not installed on your system" and then it just exists.

I have also one unknown device, no idea what that might be, tried to make windows update drivers, removed it, nothing worked to...

I have no idea what is going on here....

Is anybody else experiencing the same issue.

Any help appreciated.

I am not sure but maybe the latest bios broke something....

When i run Troubleshooting for it in windows i get below message on screenshot.

Super Moderator
Have you tried going to the details tab, uninstalling driver or 'rolling back' if the option is present?
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Yes. I tried all of that.

However, i found on internet to disconnect the power from power supply completely.

Which i tried yesterday, today in the morning i turned my PC back on and guess what???

Bluetooth is present again, i am thinking after Bios was updated that might have been a required step or something.

Anyways, seems to be fixed now.

Hope it also helps somebody in the future 🙂