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Maximus gene xi, 9900k - stuck at rog press del or f2

Level 7
Hi Guys,

I got home this afternoon and my pc looked like it was in standby, i pressed the mouse to wake it up and it did not respond so i reset it by holding the power button down. When it returned it showed me the default bios screen with "No Keyboard" detected. I messed around pluging and replugin my mouse and keyboard and until it finally stayed at the ROG screen with Press del or f2 to enter bios - they keyboard dosnt work (it lights up).

Ive reset the bios by pressing the green button at the back, ive unplugged everything except for the hdmi cable.

On the motherboard there is only a green light (i think its the boot LED) under the q-code screen which reads AO. At this stage i cant get into the bios at all.

Everything was running like a champ for a week and then out of the blue this...

EDIT: One thing i did notice was my pump on my NZXT Kraken x62 was making a gurgling sound .. but i just gave the case a rock back and forth and it went away.

EDIT: Looks like this guy had the same issues with a Samsung 960 M.2, Going to try remove it ...

EDIT: Ok, I took out both the Samsung 970 and 960 and im now able to get into bios ... Weird...Going to try plug them in one by one to see which one is dead...

Edit: Somewhat resolved.. The Samsung 970 works but the Samsung 960 is toast, it wont let me into the bios even when its installed.

What could have caused this ??

MOBO: ASUS Z390 Maximus XI Gene
CPU: 9900K
MEM: Corsiar Vengeance Pro 3200mhz 2x16gb
power: Corsiar HX1000I
Drives: M.2 1x Samsung 970 nvme 1x 960 Samsung nvme
Graphics: MSI Gaming X Trio 2080TI