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Maximus Code IX not saving BIOS Settings

Level 7
Hello everyone,

Yesterday I started my desktop (Motherboard Asus Maximus IX Code) and it shut off 2 or 3 times before post. I noticed that all BIOS settings had been lost. I supposed it was the battery and today I bought a pair of batteries, and the problem persists. What can it be? I must say that I use an UPS that I always turn off at night so if I keep the UPS on everything works fine but if I switch off the PSU or turn off the UPS all BIOS configs are lost again. What can it be?

I have had this MOBO like 3 and a half years and I had to change the battery once. Probably because the PC is disconnected from power like 80% of the time. I tested the batteries with a multimeter and another device and are working fine (expire on 2025). Don't know what else can it be.

Thanks for all the help.