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Issues Sonic 3 Maximus X

Level 7
I have double entries in my start up menu , the BIG light colour Red squares opens APPS

Yet the Smaller Dark Red squares when clicking on them, says you must install the software ( see "bold" below)
This happens again if I go to Control Panel and click on the Realtek HD Audio Manger and then Sonic Suite in the third tab.
the two Icons that show up there "Launch Sonic Studio" and Launch Sonic Radar" give the same message
Say "Software can't be opened You should install your Audio driver first"
My Audio works but I like a clean system and these 'double entries' look messy, AND I do have other issues also.

The another issue is;
I get a message on screen a few times now saying "Your audio driver was updated and your system needs to restart" this happened in game playing ARK
Had to shut down my PC to stop the popup box flashing on the screen during the game in the middle of something important as I had no control over my character in ARK while this box keep appearing, no matter how many times I tried to hit cancel, on a ROG motherboard, a gaming motherboard ?..doh!

Still have no clue what software ( Audio) was updated or how to stop 'this' happening automatically suspect it's the "Apps store looking icon stuff" which you see in the image above.

Updated: Followed this guide

And now have No Realtek HD Audio Manger in Control panel YET ! still had Sonic Studio / Sonic Radar icons in the Start menu that when clicked on say the software is not installed.


So Now Ive done the above "DRIVERS-Realtek-HD-Audio guide", then I Uninstalled Sonic Studio / Sonic Radar.
Then I re-run the installer ( version from guide)
Once that had been done I then when to the APP store and installed Sonic Studio ( radars a hack so don't use it)
Now I have only the One Icon and all seems good...

Still the updating while in fullscreen mode gaming is an issue