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Is this a stable oc setting for my 8700k maximus x?

Level 7
First time builder first time to OC.

These are my settings, I pretty much followed a guide video and then just started lowering voltage incrementally. Runs stable on OCCT for 1 hour. Temps dont go above 70c.

First, specs: 8700k - 4.9ghz @ 1.3v
ram: 3200 cas 16 @ 1.35v
850 evo ssd - 1tb
cooler - thermalright le grand macho
case - meshify c

bios settings:
Multicore enhance – disabled
Avx -2
Cpu core ration – sync all cores – 4.9ghz
Cpu svid support – disabled
Cpu load line calibration – 6
Internal cpu power managegment – short & long duration – set at maximum
Cpu core/cache limit – also max
Min/max cache – 42
Cpu core cache – 1.3
CPU system Agent -

What I want to know is this: are these stable settings to keep? I.e. I know these settings are used to test the stability of an overclock, but are they good day-to-day settings? For instance, it's my understanding that these settings always keep the voltage at the same level (i.e. maxed at 1.3). Is that something I should worry about, should I instead adjust some setting that allows voltage to fluctuate with cpu core speed? Or am I good? I read something about adaptive voltage but I don't know if I should concern myself or not.

The things I have no idea about leaving or changing them: min/max cache at 42? LLC at 6? SVID? Short & long Duration maxed? Cache limit maxed?

I should add that I haven't tried down-volting below 1.3 because im afraid im going to break something and the computer won't start. BUt I think ill continue trying just to see how low i can get the voltage @4.9ghz.

Thanks for any advice, tips, etc.

- Latest vcore at 1.26 @4.9ghz stable temps not topping 60c - will keep trying lower

Level 14
If your system is stable and temperatures are in a safe zone you are fine, manual voltage won't hurt a thing