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Is it ok to have two M.2 NVMe SSD on the same board?

Level 7
On a Z390-F, latest BIOS (1302)

Have two NVMe SSDs, nvme0 and nvme1.
Is that ok, or is it better to have only one (nvme0)?

Note: not using any SATA or USB port...

- Windows 10 sees some duplicate partition IDs..., while they're not clones and were created separately
- Then, installed Linux and did some stress tests, and it seems having two NVMe boards makes the system rather unstable after a while
(I know, only Windows is supported, but there are more options (kernel) / tools / logs to see what's happening under the hood in a Linux environment)

I wonder if the MB is made to tolerate 2 NVMe when used extensively...

Level 11
why wouldn't it be. If it weren't OK, boards wouldn't have multiple M.2 slots. Some boards even offer 3 slots and more via an add-in card.