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Internal usb Ryujin 360 / Maximus XI Hero

Level 7
Hello guys, today I come seeking for some enlightening.

Here's the deal: as a good ASUS fanboy, I got a Maximus XI Hero mobo and a Ryujin 360 aio.

TLDR: The Ryujin won't aura sync, it goes to its own profile or use the settings I set for the screen, let it be temp readings or custom gif. It seem to be a problem with the (internal) usb when the pc boots or reboots.

The problem is: when I re-start or turn on the computer, any boot/reboot scenario, it is like when you un-plug and plug-in a flash drive, as soon as the os comes in, Windows plays the sound when you disconnect a device and then the sound when you connect it.

I've troubleshooted a lot my new build because I set all my compatible rgb components to sync with aura and put my custom anime gif on the ryujin oled but it doesn't sync automatically like the other devices, it does whatever it wants and goes to the unsync/ standalone not aura sync rgb profile (let's say the default rainbow while everything else is blue strobe, like if the ryujin was not selected for aura sync even tho it actually is) and to the default preloaded ROG logo animation on the oled screen (the only exception to this is if I pick one of the preloaded logos, like the white jpg for example, the exception only applies to the display as the rgb still goes to the unsync profile).

After thinking about it, I narrowed the possible cause of the issue to be that it kinda disconnects and reconnects to the internal usb or at least it is detected as it whenever the computer comes back on, this issue does not replicate on the Thermaltake Riing fans(therefore the controller hub they are connected to) that also connects to the mobo through the internal usb like the Ryujin or the external hard drive that I always have connected through external usb so I'm guessing there is an issue with the Ryujin and the internal usb settings.
Is there any setting I could check to fix this?

I use the Armory Crate software as I can't seem to find all the standalone pieces of bloatware, which I would have preferred as they seemed to have more and better tailored options for whatever they were supposed to interact with and seemed to offer more control than this oversimplified and incomplete suit.

If it is useful, as an additional detail, I set up Windows so it will open the file explorer automatically when a storage device is connected, it seems if I dont use a custom gif, the device folder the Ryujin creates is like empty or something like that so it won't open when I turn on the computer BUT if I use a custom gif or jpg, the file explorer opens to that folder when I turn on the computer, after playing the sound it does when you connect a device.

This is the only thing I need to fix to get everything to work perfectly, any help or suggestion will be appreciated.
BTW I'm looking for software/settings suggestions, not unplug and plug it back in or hit it like an old tv.

Sorry for the bad english or being too repetitive.

Edit: I just swap the ports between the ryujin and the fans control hub as both use the internal usb ports on the motherboard, the fans control hub still works perfectly, the ryujin still has the same issue, nothing changed