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Intel ME (Z390) PMC firmware question

Level 7
Regarding the [FIRMWARE] Intel ME (Z390)

I am using:
Intel ME Consumer Firmware :
Firmware : [26/08/2020]
Firmware PMC : 300.2.11.1025 [06/02/2020]
from this link:

I am able to detect the first item, firmware version, using the CSME-Version-Detection-Tool and that it is correct, but how can I detect which Firmware version for the Power Management Controller (PMC) is installed?

Thanks in advance.

Update: Corrected link above.

Level 18

You can use this Intel MEInfo 12.x tool to check your PMC (Right click on "Check.cmd" > Run as administrator & look at PMC FW Version), but there is no point in having this information knowing that the PMC is a sub-firmware and cannot be updated independently of the Intel ME firmware.

For information, the thread that you linked is obsolete and closed.

Here is the new thread (containing newer Intel ME firmware that you use) : [FIRMWARE] Intel ME (Z390).

I was able to find and use the Intel (R) MEInfo Version: from here:

Thank you again!