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Installing Win10 on Maximus Hero X

Level 7
What is the best way to install Win10 Home on a Samsung 960 EVO M.2 drive.?

Going to do a clean reinstallation, have backed anything I need to an external hard drive . Is it better to make the Samsung 960 a GPT instead of MBR drive ? And if so how to make it so ( current its MBR ). ? What are the BIOS setting to have for this ? Is it best to make it just UEFI or leave it at UEFI and Legacy Option ?

Level 11
A PCIe drive needs the UEFI bios for a driver. So using GPT would be best and using the UEFI version of Win 10 for the install, which will set it up as GPT..

I realize this thread is 2 weeks old.
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