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I broke my entry level Maximus Mobo with 4 dimms

Level 7
I knew this was a cheap mobo but I didn't imagine that this could possibly happen,

Level 8
Total lack of information, What exactly is your problem. Your screen shots conveys nothing , what are we supposed to be looking at ?.
If you can't be bothered to supply the correct information how do you expect members on this forum to respond.

Level 7
Relying on AI Overclocking's algorithm? Like the post above, 0 information at what you're looking for help.

Sarcasm(his title is) ......... That is a nice RAM OC.

Level 7
1.55v dang how hot does that run under load/gaming? also what kit of ram?

Level 8
That voltage is insane, what are you running the CPU at ?. If you carry on using that high voltage your CPU will degrade after a few months of use running on a 24/7 biases.
Lower the ratio to 47 or 48 and drop the V core voltage, I personally do not see much difference between those figures and 5Ghz under daily use. I like to keep my CPU temps below 80c, so my setup with a 9900KF is 4.7Ghz all cores @ 1.145 v core under load. Prime 95 no AVX runs at max temp of 72c on the highest core temp over 1 hour with an ambient temp of 23c.
At the end of the day the choice is yours, screw your CPU into the ground or look after it.

I just figured I would reply to this so that you may once more take a look at the image I have posted, I believe it says how much CPU voltage I am currently using in those screenshots. Perhaps you saw my RAM voltage which is set to 1.55, a bit high for b die but well within intel and ddr4 spec (XMP can be as high as 1.65 volts, especially with DDR3 which skylake's IMC was intended to support as well as DDR4.

Let me know if you are still in a twist about how I have my CPU setup, especially factoring all the variables like, LLC, ambient temperature of my case and the cooler used. You don't even know if I have a noctua D15 or a direct die loop. lol