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How does TVB determine VID for boosted frequencies?

Level 7

Getting into TVB to milk a bit more out of my 5.1ghz 10900k OC. I thought that using TVB would give you a little extra at light loads beyond your all-core ratio without adding voltage. I have a 5.1 all core 10900k that is stable at 1.32v under RealBench load. I enabled the +1boost profile in TVB, and so I get 5.2 all core until it hits 70c, and then it goes down to 5.1 as desired. HOWEVER, when it is running at 5.2 under 70c, it definitely adds voltage as if its using the VID from the 52x on the V/F pt curve (so my voltage shoots up to around 1.4v). Is this normal?

Also, if I wanted to manage TVB so that I get the boost when using fewer active cores, do I need to enable By Core Usage to do this? The actual Ratio Setting value in the TVB menu is greyed out and can't be modified on my BIOS (Z490-E Gaming).