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Hero XI Graphics Card Does Not Operate At Switch On.

Level 7

I have just built a new computer system using:-

Asus Hero XI (Wi-Fi) Motherboard
Intel 9900K Processor
16 GByte Corsair Vengeance Memory
Samsung 500GByte M2 SSD
Asus RTX2070 Super Graphics card
2 x 2TByte Samsung HD's
2 x DVD Re-write drives

My first checks were done with the graphics card not installed - I used the HDMI output of the MB to the HDMI input of a TV (Not got a proper monitor at the moment as the one I was after is currently unavailable).

Everything in the BIOS screen appeared OK - all devices recognised.

I then installed the graphics card but there was no video output from it - the video was still coming from the MB output.

Reseating the graphics card made no difference.

Question 1 - should there be a output from the graphics card at this point when no OS has been installed ?

I then decided to install Windows 10 Pro from a USB stick using the HDMI output from the MB to the TV.

All was going OK, but after a while the video signal was lost before installation was complete. It turned out it was now coning from the HDMI output from the graphics card.

I assumed that during the installation some drivers had been downloaded to enable the graphics card to start working.

However, when I now start the computer I get 1 beep during startup, followed by a long bleep and 3 short bleeps. The MB manual says this means no VGA has been detected, but after 5-10 seconds Windows 10 shows up and runs OK.

Also noticed that I don't get the Asus startup screen on the graphics card output, so I don't see the message to enter BIOS. If I check the HDMI output from the MB I see that Asus startup screen and BIOS when I enter it (by pressing DEL key) appears on that.

To summarise -

Power on computer - Asus startup screen and BIOS screen are on MB HDMI output.
When I exit BIOS Windows appears on the graphics card output after a long bleep followed by 3 short beeps.

Any suggestion on how to cure this would be most appreciated.