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Hero X Wifi-AC Can't enter Windows after reboot. PCI_ex problem?

Level 7
Im trying to be the brief as possible


  • I7 8700K
  • Asus Hero X Wifi AC
  • Kraken X61
  • GSkill Trident RGB 16 3000
  • Samsung evo 970
  • Samsung 850 evo
  • VGA EVGA RTX 2070 Super
  • EVGA 750 G2

In the last 2 months, i experience in windows some cursor stuck, sometimes I only reset, then enter Windows again, not a big deal (and no BSOD)
This week, happens the same issue, but the difference is, when I reboot, Show me the ROG logo, and then, load Windows. Before the splash of the Windows Login Screen, the monitor stop show signal, and my Keyboard and mouse "disconnect" (the lights tun off). And then, I never can enter again to Windows.

I try without XMP and factory defaults parameters. Same issue
Well. I do a Secure Ease and then reinstall Windows. everything OK, until then I try to install the NVidia Drivers, and again, the screen go off and my keyboard and mouse too (and this happens ON windows.)

I reinstall Windows Again.
Same issue when I reboot.

At this moment, the obvious response is, The VGA, Well. I connect the VGA in other PC. Nio problem at all. benchmarks and gaming for 2 hours. Perfect.
I try the mems too (memtest and stress in other PC) No problem.

In this moment, I believe a problem in SSD. So, I work only with one. Secure Ease.
Disconnect all the extra things (VGA, SSD's and HDD, lights)
reinstall Windows. Everything OK. I put Some HDD's. Everything look good.
Last step: Install VGA. Working properly. Then, enter
I try the 8700K in other PC too. No problem at all

I try with another one (m.2 NVME). And the problem persist at the reboot.

In all this problems, the Qcode only shows A0. The problem is I cant enter Windows, the keyboard and mouse disconnect and the image is not show
I can enter in safe mode to windows, but I cant do anything more in Normal mode

At this moment I dont have much to doo. The last thing: Disconnect the VGA from PCI_ex and put the monitor in the Motherboard for use IGP.
When I do this, the screen boot properly and I can enter Windows without problems!.

I still believe in the VGA. I try again (2nd time) in other PC and I don't have any trouble at all.
In my BIOS when is connected the VGA, in the Graphics info appears the Nvidia running at x16.

The only things I dont try are: Motherboard and the Kraken X61.
Could be the watercooling, or definitely is my motherboard.

All the times, I try with factory parameters, with and without XMP. No Overclocking (When the PC is working properly I dont have any OC at the moment)

Can I try something more or definitely is a MoBo issue? I Still believe it could be a Software and not Hardware problem. But at this moment, I think the MoBo could be the problem. ( I try VGA, CPU, Mems in other PC, stress, play and benc. No problems)

Guys, thanks a lot for your help.

Level 7

I try to install ubuntu
I cant install it.

This is the SS


Level 13
You might try disconnecting the 860 SSD.. Which M.2 slot is the 970 M.2 drive in?

Do you have an inexpensive video card you could swap out with the EVGA 2070 Super?

When you install the Nvidia drivers, do you allow it to install the Nvidia Experience..?

Which output from the 2070 and what does it go to?

The Nvidia HD Audio appears to be on the same pcie connection.

My system is currently running with a 970 and 960. The video is an EVGA GTX 1080 Ti

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200