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Help me

Level 7
Am sam from chennai india

Last October , 2019

I build my new pc

Spec followed by:

Asus rog strix z390 e gaming

Intel i5 9600k

32gb ram ( 4x 8gb ) gkill trident z 3000mhz

Cooler master ml120 aio

Gigabyte arous 700 watt psu

Wd 240gb m.2 ssd

32gb optane memory

And 2tb hdd

Gtx 1660 super

I works well for couple of months....and after that I got a prob which was my external hdd Seagate 1tb is not detected ...when I mount it whole pc will freeze atleast twice and then only it the it will ready for use....

I thought it my hdd prob but it happens in all hdd but not for the one with discrete power ( 8tb ) ..

And now I had a new problem which is pc output is not stable ( I mean the output is suddenly gone and reclaims it by own ) and there no problem with my monitor becoz I check with my laptop and old pc , i thought gpu is problem so I gave it for replace a new one ....yesterday

But after removing gpu , my mobo is not give output so reinstall the os , after I have got a problem very seriously ouput is freezes and gone for while and comes back sometime it will ever comes back until I restart manually,

This really sucks when doing works it suddenly freezes and no output ( sometimes it will shows this bsod error ) " VIDEO TDR FAILURE igdkmd64.sys " and u think its becoz of intel 630 gpu driver but I reinstall my VGA drivers becoz I not having nvidia gpu or nvidia drivers becoz I gave it for replace , even I reinstalled my operating system and drivers and also manually select the driver in device manager but the problem remains the same and it's really scary becoz I gave spend my whole 3 salary in this by doing part time jobs cuz my studying

Help pls ...! Becoz am continuously getting this problem so many times , I need a solution for this what is real reason for that error and if it is hardware error what i need to do ; which hardware and which should be replaced 