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[Help] intel 9900K problem OC with OCCT Small data Stress Test

Level 9


When i run last OCCT v12.1.18 with the settings Small data, Extreme, Variable etc.. (please check screensshots) i have like immediatly my computer freez & BSOD :'(

When i set OCCT Large data for 1Hour with all exact same settings the test is Fine without error !

i have the same issue when i run last Prime95 V30.19 build 14. Freez BSOD.

5 years ago i had after testing a lot of 9900k a good one.

i try actualy to be at 5.3Ghz @1.335v AVX=0, hope with your Help i will succed. (before all those years i stay stock because no time)

for the moment my Memory as you can see on the screenshot i put them at 2133mhz and the timings i let all by default at Auto.

at 5.3ghz the average temperature for 1Hour is around 60°C with some spikes around 74 and rarely 83°C on 1 or max 2 cores.

can you please tell me what i can change in my BIOS settings ?

My Setup:

Windows 10 x64 fully Update

CPU : Intel 9900K, Delied without the ICH, direct contat with the Waterblock.
Motherboard : Asus Maximus XI Extreme with last BIOS 2004.
Memory : 4 slots x8GB = 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal F4-4600C18D-16GTRS
HD : 2x SSD Samsung 1TB 970 Pro in RAID0
Video card : NVIDIA Titan RTX
PSU: Enermax Platimax D.F. 1200W

Watercooling: Rad 360mm with 6 fans Noctua 120mm, waterblock : AQUA COMPUTER Waterblock Cuplex Kryos NEXT VISION


1 OCCT Large Settings.jpg2 OCCT test Large files.jpg1.jpg2.jpg3.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg7.jpg