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Headphone Audio Becomes Distorted After A While...

Level 7
So on top of the other audio problems the Maximus X Hero (wifi) has, I'm now noticing something different. After streaming nearly every day up to 12-14 hrs a day, my headphones will get a distortion in the audio. Hard to explain. Sometimes it sound like static, sometimes it deafens, but it's definitely not clear. It has happened during different games so it's not one game causing it, even just listening to music on itunes or talking on discord. It is not the headphones, they are studio headphones and work great. Some days there is no distortion. My CPU is not going above 70 degrees, so it's not that.

Audio driver is the current one listed on the driver page: Version I changed the front port setting from HD Audio to AC97 and it did the same thing after about 10 hrs. today. Sometimes it even starts right away, so I don't get it. It's not an issue witht he front port because I also plugged it into the headphone jack on my speakers and got the same issue. When I plug int he headphones in the front the popup says the headphone "impedance under 51 ohm", is that normal?

Anyone else with similar issue?