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GPU led staying on after boot

Level 7

I recently started having an issue with my maximus xi gene where as it boots up and cycles through the cpu, memory, and gpu leds, the gpu led will stay lit up. The monitor will take some time to get a signal and turn on but it always does turn on once I am in windows. Sometimes it flashes a bunch before it turns on.

This seems to happen randomly but I can reliably reproduce it by changing from my somewhat conservative memory settings to some more extreme settings.

I took some video of what I am describing here

It will do the same thing without my video card installed, going through onboard video. I bought a brand new vesa certified dp cable to rule that out. I just updated to the newest bios. It happened with the bios set to all defaults on the newest bios and the last rev I was using. I ran 12 hours of realbench over the past couple days to again check to make sure everything was fine.

95% of the time it will boot up fine. When I do have this issue I can usually reboot and it will clear itself up. I have had no instability problems to speak of while I am doing anything with the computer.

I will reseat the cpu and memory tomorrow but I am not looking forward to it because the cpu cooler is a *****.