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Gene XI - Dimm.2 and raid - 970 Evo Plus

Level 7
Hi all,

I am trying to get my 2 NVME drives running in raid 0 on my Gene XI.
Using the latest Bios (at this time) 0903.

My motherboard detects the 2 drives on the DIMM.2 slot, but when i enable the Rapid storage technology, it fails to see any storage devices in the RST menu.

I have browsed the various menus to find an option that i might of missed. (someone on this forum said to check in CPU Config on another post - did that)

Would anyone be able to shed any light on what i might be missing? or whether it might just be a bug of some description?

I have attached a few screenshots for reference. (on one picture it says RST not enabled, but i did switch it on and restarted)

Many thanks in advance for your support.

Level 8


i am kind of late ... but i am facing the same issue with 960 Pro and Maximus XII Extreme. Drives on Dimm.2 show up in BIOS but not in Intel RST Config.
I have two other drive installed in M2_1 and M2_2, and they work perfectly



Level 7


I too am also having the same problem. Drives using dimm.2 do not show up in RST


i have informations for you:

I have it running with DIMM.2 Raid0, BUT:

You need Intel SSDs like Intel 670p … its not documented anywhere and I only got this informations directly from ASUS Support.

Mainboard Raid is no problem with any M.2 but DIMM Raid only Support Intel 660p or 670p. Intel doesnt build these SSDs anymore, but they are still available. They distributed it to Solidigm, but these SSDs dont work neither. 

ONLY INTEL SSDs: 660p and 670p!!!!!!

My Board: Maximus XII Extreme



It's this with the latest bios update too? I have 2004 on xi extreme.

I'm just wondering if you need both ssds the same capacity on dimm.2? I want to put a 980 rpo 1tb and another 980 pro 2tb in there. Not worried about raid, but just want to make sure they should work and I'm not missing anything. My 980 pro 1tb is in there now working, I'm about to install the 2tb 980 pro. 

all bios versions are affected ... this is a thing with raid over pcie or pch. PCH Raid Only work with certain SSDs (as mentioned only Intel SSDs ... but i dont know why)

If you want to put two different SSDs onto the DIMM.2 (no RAID of course), this will work perfectly fine. You will se them in windows as two seperate drives