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Front IO Audio Issue from ROG Strix Z370-H Gaming Motherboard

Level 7

I recently bought a second hand PC which has:

- Intel Core i7 8700

- 16 GB RAM

- ROG Strix RX580

- ROG Strix Z370-H Gaming Mobo

but didn't come with storage, so I just plugged in the nvme drive from my old PC which had already Windows 11.

PC started up just fine except the front audio coming out the HD Audio header is just static with varying noises when I move the mouse or when other stuff happens in the PC. I've tried installing the Realtek Audio Drivers from the ROG site but the problem persisted.. the weird part is that the back panel audio works just fine.. I even tried getting the drivers from Realtek directly.. but still nothing.. any ideas on how to fix this? could this be a Windows 11 issue? 

Already did:

- update bios to latest from ROG site

- check if headphones work on other device

- replaced front IO

- installed latest windows 11