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Formula XI - Stealth Mode doesnt work.

Level 7
Just recently installed a Formula XI MB with a 9900K. Using the UEFI option to turn Aura Off when PC is shutdown works for a while then a few restarts later it turns to back on. Using this option turns off the red pulsing LED but leaves on the OLED screen that displays the Formula Logo. When switching to Stealth Mode to turn off Aura and the OLED, upon reboot it just defaults back to Aura On immediatly.

Another aside. When using LiveDash, I can change the OLED to display other monitor results (CPU clock Speeds, Temps etc) but it will not dispaly any of the animtations. The custom text options work ok, just the animations dont work.

Any help would be appreciated as I want the PC to be completely dark when shut down without having to switch off completely at I/O switch.

Level 7
Problem solved. I never realised there were software options to disable those lights and LiveDash. They kept turning it back on after changing the bios. I’ve it disabled on software end and all is good.

Well almost all. I’m having no joy getting animations to display on the live dash, is anyone else having this problem with the MB.*