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Formula X safe Io/SA Voltage ddr4133

Level 7
I got my Memory gskil f4-3866 c18 32gb ( 4 dimms)
Stable @ 4133 17-18-18-38 -380 vdimm 1,45v

But my cpu wants for this 1,3io 1,3sa

Is it safe solong or better 3866 that are stable @ 1,10 io/sa

I cant find a official Answer -.-*

Level 13
There's no empirical evidence to provide an official answer. If longevity is a concern, it's logical to select an operating point that falsl within the comfort zone of the CPU; a frequency that doesnt need a big hike in voltage to achieve stability.

Hm okay make sense :)*
My problem is the auto training from rtl/io @ 4000c17 is very bad.
Then i will settle to 3866 imo
Hope that will be bios update soon that the rtl/io training is better on 4000
3866 perfect the same rtl io ( distance of 2 )
4000 nothing the same rtl/io distance of 0 and 2 )
4133 perfect distance of 2

Is there a chance, when i use the same rtl from 4133 on 4000 that system works stable, or is there no chance?

Level 13
The rtl delay is based on a combination of frequency and CAS. For a 24/7 system, the margin isn't going to be massive (depends on how much depth the buffer stack has). The IMC determines the default spacing during POST. I would not stray too far.