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Formula X - Black screen

Level 7

Well i guess its time to post this problem cause i want a solution.

8 out of 10 times i boot up i get a black screen, same thing happens when it powers down when its not being used i press the keyboard and a black screen appears, now i like to think when buying ROG you get the best but im starting to think the cheap pc from the supermarket is of better quality, please prove me wrong and post a solution,

My system:
Formula X motherboard
Intel i7-8700k
32gb gskill ram 32mhz
ROG Posidon 1080ti
HDS: Samsung m.2 pro 1tb
system is watercooled with custom loops
Monitor is Asus rog 35" curved monitor
Steelseries keyboard (Old merc stealth)
ROG mouse Sparta
9 Corsairs ll 120 fans and corsair commander.
Corsairs AX1200i psu

Not running overclocked atm.

Level 7
And my wireless ROG Spartha is now no longer wireless it wont work unless theres a cord in it.... jesus you people make us pay a huge sum of money for your products.... think this is the last time im gonna spend money for testing your extreme expensive hardware thats so faulty.... thanks for nothing.