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FORMULA X-ASUS-2503 bios

Level 7
Has anyone updated to 2503 bios on FORMULA X MB, any issues, benefits?. 'System Improvements' in the description is a bit vague.

Level 9
I uppdated the bios and got my g.skill F4-4000C17Q-32GTZR to post at stock xmp setting but not 100% stable.
The old bios did stuck at post only worked in 3900mhz.
Its seems that there is still vccio and vcca voltage issue and have manually set them because auto is over 1,3v.
The memory tuning is still not great with this board and cant lower latency much only sub timings.
Its a 4 kit ram because old 2kit 3200c14 did not oc at all maybe 100mhz.

Had two 8GB Dominator Corsair and wanted to upgrade the memory to 32GB, so brought two Dominator Corsair16GB.
After which the PC shop 'builder' said I should use all 4 sticks, now have 48GB of memory. Running XMP with Bios 2402

Not sure of my options here, is 48 GB ok?. Or just use two 16GB sticks, my original idea, better for performance?.
If I upgrade the bios to 2503 what do you suggest the XMP profile/settings should be, or even with the old 2402 Bios?

Level 11
Probably not much difference in performance either way unless you are doing something that needs more than 32gb of ram.

As for what to do with each bios that is hard to say unless someone has the exact same components are you. I haven't really ever seen a big benefits to newer bios unless you are having some issue with an old one. Not like you get some huge performance boost. In fact I have seen older bios be more stable or perform slightly better if anything than using the latest ones.

Anyone know if G. Skill Trident Z RGB 128 GB (F4-3600C18Q-128GTZR) will work for this motherboard, seeing that they added 128 GB support in this update and that the 64 GB version (F4-3600C16Q-64GTZR) does qualify according to G. Skill's QVL? (My CPU is Intel i7 8700K.)