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Fan RGB not working on Maximus X Hero

Level 8
Just built the system in a CoolerMaster H500P case and can't get the front fans to light up. The board shows 2 RGB headers....1 listed as Aura and the other listed as Addressable but neither light the front fans up. The BIOS shows it set to on and the Corsair cooler, the ram and board light up just fine. Having never built a box with RGB, I'm not sure if I missed something but the Coolermaster manual sucks.
The fans work fine and are RPM adjustable, just no lights.

I Appreciate any help.

Level 7
You have the fans plugged into the non addressable (Aura) header?

Sorry I'm late, was out of town. Thanks for trying to help.
It appears the connections weren't tight enough though I thought they were. I unplugged and re-plugged everything back in and its now working as it should.