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Expert advice wanted best wired 10gb lan card for Maximus XI Extreme and limitations?

Level 8

Howdy mates, Sweden here...

Still sucking on my beloved Maximus XI Extreme motherboard,
however as of lately I was hoping some of you gurus and downright Asus-Jedi's would spend some time here...

I got 1000/1000gb from my ISP but performence dropped something fierce last months,
the XI Extreme has 2 1000gb cards - none of performing beyond 90 - 250 up and 9 - 200 up at any of the speedtests they previously run over in glorious triumph.

I have some vague memory the PCI-E is limited on this mobo thus I tried to add crepe with prejudice,
Have a single m.2 990pro 4gb running at a mere 1900/1900 (Like a fourth of full speed) got REALLY good cooling as I hooked up a 120 fan directly towards the heatzink
GPU is a 2080 Ti msi gaming X and I am drooling for an 4090 Suprim but waiting to get clued in from you mates

So these two are the peripherals hugging them precious PCI lanes right now,
but I see a need to get a 10gb lan card since speeds been messed up for almost half a year now which brings me to you - the mindJedi's of this forum and general OC knowledge if theres ever a melting pot for experts.

Looking at following choices,

TP-Link TX401 10 Gigabit PCI Express nätverksadapter


ASUS XG-C100C 10G nätverksadapter PCI-E X4-kort med enkel RJ-45-port



But I need your advice mates!

Is this a good solution?

Is there a better 10gb adapter choics?

Will an extender cable mess speeds up?

Will the PCI-E lanes limit speeds?

And speaking of PCI-E lanes and speed issues, can I get better m.2 speeds or is this what I can expect in my rig?


Any and all feedback or knowledge or tips and hints would be utmost appreciated mates!

/Silverbullit a.k.a The Swedish Chupacabra